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Coming Soon Last Days

Nominated for

Best Documentary Feature

Director: Miguel Eek

76' • Spain • 2020

Catalan, Spanish

"Coming Soon Last Days" shows the difficulties of CineCiutat, an arthouse and cooperative movie theatre that programs auteur films in original version in its four screens. After almost a decade since its opening, this pioneering associative project in Spain formed by 1,200 members has become a case study in European film exhibition. Javi, Miguel, Vero, Marco, Marta, Miguel Ángel or Cristina are some of the people who are determined every day not to let this cinematic oasis dry up. But the great economic difficulties, the exhaustion of the team, the lack of spectators and members and the aging of the cinema make them face the most complex situation in its history. CineCiutat is debating today whether to survive or close the doors permanently. The documentary will accompany these romantics in their battle to keep alive a sacred space for film lovers, but without necessarily agreeing on how to do it.

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