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Keep Burning

Nominated for

Best Music Video

Young-Wook Paik

5' • Israel • 2021

English •

The video for Keep Burning is a collaboration formed during Corona times and done in remote between Tel-Aviv and Seoul - with South-Korean director Young-Wook Paik, starring actress Hyun-Seo Woo. Totemo met Paik, a prominent highly acclaimed commercial and short films director, during a music festival in Seoul, in which she performed. The two formed a friendship based on their mutual love of music, and during Covid, the idea to collaborate took form. In the video we see a woman running from something she can't escape, because it's coming from within her - it's a lamenting journey of having to let the fire consume you in order to make room for change, and for a new you. Like the song, this image is presenting itself in a form of rite of passage.

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